Gangsters Prayer

Gangsters Prayer:

Heavenly father,please her me tonight.
I need so much guidance to live my life right.
Sometimes the pressure is so hard to bear.
I often wonder if anyone cares.
How can i wake up and face a new day,knowing i live my life this crazy way?
Heavenly father forgive all my sins.

Help me resist the wild life i desire.
Help me escape the temptation and the fire.
Help my family who pray for me.
God bless our mother who cry every night,
Worried we will get killed by someone in a fight.

Heavenly father please answer my prayers.
Please let me know that ur listening up there.
When will it end?
Whats it all for?
To prove my homies I’m down?
I’m hardcore? Sometimes i wonder how i will die?
By a bullet wound or a knife in my side?
Heavenly father please hear me tonight.


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